NextShift Robotics White Paper

The Amazon Effect & Robotics Adoption in Fulfillment: Executives Reveal What Moves Them from Interest to Action

Breaking Five Barriers to AMR Adoption
A new generation of autonomous mobile robots (AMR) is gaining traction for fulfillment automation. While adoption has not taken off as fast as many had predicted, our interviews with a cross-section of industry influencers, practitioners and executives reveal that adding next-generation robotics to a piece-picking environment meshes perfectly with emerging business models and creates a new competitive edge in distribution operations.This awareness has generated a wave of interest, but can it move companies from interest to action? We found that much of the hesitation can be attributed to a few common misperceptions. This white paper outlines five perceived barriers to adoption along with specific, practical advice on how to mitigate each of them.


Dispelling 5 Misperceptions about AMRs
in Fulfillment Center Operations:

  • Unproven?
  • Expensive?
  • Not Mature?
  • Disruptive?
  • Worker Unfriendly?